Frequently Asked Questions

How does BetterBadge contribute to a better world?

We are working with both individuals and organizations to help the sustainability movement forward. Individuals like you can express your support for environmental action and development by opting in, then businesses and other organizations are able to validate a demand for sustainable products and services. By joining this movement you help the businesses you love by letting them know you are with them, and you will support their sustainable choices.

Who can access my information?

Only companies who already have your email can see that you are in this database. Companies that use Circle Base and that have you in their systems - because you purchased from them or subscribed to a newsletter in the past - are able to upload their email list to see which of their contacts are interested in sustainable products and services. If a company does not have your email already, they will not be able to get it from this service.

How do I share BetterBadge?

Click here to share BetterBadge with your friends. If you would like to join our referral program, please contact support.

Can I remove myself from the database?

Yes, you absolutely can! We are working on a user portal for individual subscribers, but in the meantime you can request that support remove your email from the database. It will be permanently deleted.

How many emails will I receive?

We send a maximum of one email to you per week with offers. However, we can't speak for the companies that use our database. The volume of emails you receive will depend on how many companies have your email and how they choose to use it. You can always unsubscribe from them directly or report unethical or suspicious activity to us.

How does BetterBadge work?

When you Opt In, you enter your email in a database. Organizations with your email can query the database to see whether their contacts are interested in environmentally friendly products and services. If you are on their email list, they will know you stand behind their efforts.

Can I access BetterBadge for my business?

Yes! Businesses and other organizations can access the SustainabilityPlease database from the Circle Base app.