How does it work?

BetterBadge works by letting businesses know that their customers will support them if they decide to create more sustainable offerings.

Let's face it, we have a long road ahead. We need to reduce unsustainable consumption and lower our individual environmental impacts. Meatless Mondays and carbon offsets help a great deal, but these small initiatives are not a panacea. We need product and service providers across the board to help us; grocers, home builders, and other essential businesses. These companies may have the ability to offer more sustainable options, but they face barriers.

Firstly, it often requires an up-front investment of time and resources to understand and mitigate environmental impacts. Second, they are taking a risk by not being certain their customers actually care about sustainability. By joining BetterBadge, you are helping the leaders of small companies understand that their customers do care enough to support them on their sustainability journey, which reduces the risk and increases the likelihood that they will help solve the environmental challenges facing us.

When you submit your email, it is added to a database called the Circle Base. This highly secure database is managed by Circle Environmental Solutions, a sustainability firm based in Ottawa, Canada. Leaders of businesses can securely compare their customer list to the database to see whether their customers will support them in their sustainability journey. If you check the "Share my email" box, businesses will see your email on a list of supporters. If not, you will show up as an anonymous member.

By joining BetterBadge, you create a positive ripple effect throughout the ecosystem of businesses from which you actively purchase products and services. The more people show their support for the business transition, the faster it will happen. In that way, you create a wider impact than would be possible by only changing your own lifestyle.

You only need to submit your email once to start accelerating the change.

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